“Everything we want in a lunch box - dishwasher friendly, leak proof, drop proof and food safe.”

Caryl Cruz

Our silicone food containers aren't just eco-friendly. They’re jam-packed with clever features to make your life easier.

Made from 100% non- toxic premium food-grade silicone, our innovative range is independently tested to make sure it’s safe for little tummies, households and our planet.

Durable, convenient and eco-friendly, you'll be reaching for your Mapley’s for years to come.

From prep to plate, create a better way for every bite in your home, and on the go.

With Mapley, you can say hello to...

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More time in your day

The Mapley range is easy to clean in the dishwasher - nuff said.

Effortless adaptability

Safe for freezer, fridge, microwave and oven use, with temperature resilience from around a chilly -40°C up to a toasty 210°C.

Preserving our planet

Reusable, durable, and eco-friendly, welcome a simple waste-reducing solution into your home.

Organisation with ease

Whether you’re meal prepping or storing, Mapley’s range is designed to stack or stand neatly in the fridge and cupboard ready to grab and go. 

Delicious and nutritious meals

Enjoy perfectly portioned, home-prepared meals that are cost-effective and waste-free, wherever you are

We get it; food isn’t just about filling hungry tummies.

Mapley is Australian owned and operated, created by busy parents, for busy parents.

We’re committed to helping you breeze through meal times, leaving more room to make memories, enjoy food together and care for our planet at the same time. 

You can’t play favourites with your kids… but you can play favourites with us

Shop Silicone Bento Box

In a range of dreamy colours, our eco-friendly bento lunch boxes have 3 perfectly sized compartments to separate food. 

You’ll love the soft touch, grippy silicone and having a variety of delicious, bite-sized morsels ready to go with the opening of a lid. And the mental space to enjoy the adventure you planned.

Shop Silicone Eco Lunch Box

Supersize it, please! One large compartment with the same innovative features. Perfect for older kids… or you!

Love them both? Bundle and save!

Make it uniquely yours (or theirs!) for only $9!

Make it uniquely yours (or theirs!) with personalisation including a name and design, for only $9. Protect your lunch from prying hands or give a personalised bento lunch box as a gift.

Bento (弁当 bentō) in Japanese means:

"Bento" (弁当 bentō) or "bento box" is a single-portion Japanese style lunchbox. A traditional bento lunch is carefully crafted to include a variety of tastes and textures for a complete meal.

Kid-proof - tested by little hands

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