MAPLEY = Maple tree & family

\ ˈmā-pəl-ee  \

We are

Based In Melbourne, Australia

We are

A family of four (plus one sleepy labrador who missed the shoot memo)

We are

Helping you find joy in little moments

We are

Caring for our planet

We are

Sticklers for quality and convenience

Mapley was created by busy parents (us) for busy parents (you)

We’re Elaine and Jason. As working parents of two young energetic boys, we know how precious time is.

And how frustrating it can feel when the little time you have doesn’t go as planned. 

Let us share a confession…

There have been times when we were hyped to start our day and get out and about as a family. Instead of experiencing those joyous moments we imagined, we struggled to get ready and organised to make it out the door.

When you start your morning in a flurry, are bogged down in domestic duties or you’re out digging around in the bottom of the bag to find the lost cheese and bickies, the moments you want to create can be overshadowed.

Life’s too short to forgo those moments, they’re the ones we remember.

Family is at the heart of everything we do.

Our name is inspired by the maple tree as a symbol of the family tree. The roots represent the connection of family, while the leaves are the moments and memories that make us who we are. 

Kids don’t allow you to catch up. This is why we parents need innovation and convenience at our fingertips to help us stay one step ahead.

We created environmentally conscious, reusable products to create a better future for our children and yours. Our products are made for time-poor, joy seeking, family lovin’ parents who like to do things smarter, not harder.

Our promise to you - if it’s not good enough for us, it’s not good enough for you.

Mapley is part of our everyday life now - and we want only the best for our family and yours. We invest in independent testing to make sure our quality and safety standards are second to none. We use our products in our home first, so we know they deliver what we promise.