Silicone Lunch Box

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Milos Stefanov
Fantastic lunchboxes

These lunchboxes are amazing! So carefully and thoughtfully crafted: from the size, ease of use, looks/colours, and quality material.

We’ve been using them for variety of things, from lunchboxes to food storage and they work great! They wash away well in a dishwasher and never smell or stain - unlike some other ones we tried.

The size is perfect for kids and adults, especially if you want to learn to portion control.

The silicone is hard enough to hold shape but soft enough to make it not break if dropped. In fact the lid won’t come off if kid’s accidentally drop it. The soft silicone also makes it easy for kids to open the lid without spilling.

Lastly, they are quite durable as we’ve been using them for months and they are still like brand new.

Well done Mapley Family! Will look to buy more!


Perfect size feels good

Kirilee Dowsett
Gorgeous, quality product

Very happy with my boys Lunch Boxes. Perfect for their favourite sourdough sandwiches & fit snug in their zipper carry lunch boxes. Thanks!

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