The weird time warp between Christmas and New Year’s where you don’t know what day it is has come to an end and now Aussie parents are gearing up for back to school- or starting school for the first time.

The books are covered, and the start date is on the calendar but here’s the real challenge:

Will you be able to have the sweet satisfaction of your child bringing home an empty lunch box? 

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We know parents face the challenge of organising school supplies, getting uniforms ready, and adjusting family routines to the school-time rhythm. We’ve put together a guide for you to make your back to school 2024 or school starters journey easy peasy!

Back to school 2024 must have - essentials and tips

1. Choose quality back to school everyday items

We’ve all heard the saying, "skimp now, spend later”.

This is especially true when it comes to daily essentials for your kids that get used constantly, on those long school days that extend into before and after school care. 

In fact, one mum we asked for back to school 2024 advice said:


We’re launching something SPECK-Tacular - sign up to our mailing list for early access, plus a free snack box* until Mar 31st 2024


Back to school 2024 lunch boxes

At Mapley, we understand school days can be demanding for you and your family. That’s why we’ve designed our range of silicone food containers, snack boxes, lunch boxes and bentos to give you time back to enjoy the little moments. 

Our products are crafted from 100% non-toxic, premium food-grade silicone, offering a safe, eco-friendly alternative to plastic that’s built to last.

Our silicone food containers are not just durable, but also versatile and convenient. Perfectly portioned, BPA free, and easy to clean in the dishwasher, they make meal prep and storage a breeze. 

Plus, they’re leakproof, microwave, fridge, and freezer safe!

The unbreakable design is perfect for active kids on the go, from the classroom to the playground and beyond no matter how long the day is.

Hot tip: Before you buy a back to school lunch box, think about the way your child likes to eat. 

Do you have a grazer? Then the compartments in the Mapley silicone bento box might suit best. 

Got a sandwich lover? Check out that Mapley silicone lunch box or Little Bento. 

Every child has unique eating habits. That’s why we offer a variety of silicone food container options, including snack boxes for light eaters or crunch and sip, larger lunch boxes for big ol sandwiches and leftovers and bento boxes for a variety of foods in organised compartments. 

No matter how your child likes to eat, there’s a Mapley container that’s just right.

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Lunch Box bags:

To keep your Mapley lunch box and its contents fresh as a daisy, invest in high quality, durable lunch boxes and bags to withstand daily wear and tear. We love the top notch fabric and versatile, signature print lunch box bags for back to school from Australian Brand Kollab

Not just for kids, you’ll find yourself reaching for them for your return to work. Whether you're looking to save money or prioritise your health, packing your own lunch is a smart choice that will support your New Year's goals.


We know these kids grow as quick as a backyard full of buffalo after a sun shower but well made, comfortable shoes designed for active kids are non negotiable. They’re on their feet most of the day and no one likes a blister so make sure they have good support and are suitable for the wide range of school activities 

Hot tip:  Wear them in before they start school on the Festive season break.

In their school shoe test, Choice gave Clarks the gold star. Good news is, they aren’t hard to find!

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2. Get the school recommended items

Each school and child’s requirements will be different so be sure to check the recommendations list. 

One clever mum told us to trust the list, even though it might seem excessive!


Book packs, stationery and supply lists are carefully curated to meet the needs of the students and the curriculum. Having everything straight up will save you several trips to the shops throughout the year. Check to see if you buy some of these items secondhand to save money and reduce your environmental footprint.

3. Start preparing yourself and your child/ren for the exciting time ahead

Back to school or starting school is about stepping into the next chapter and it’s probably accompanied by a side of nervous anticipation for both of you! 

Visit The Parents Website for tips on preparing your child for the transition to school. From emotional readiness to practical advice, this resource is a good one to have up your sleeve. 

4. Build a supportive community

They say it takes a village and don’t we know it! Connect with other parents and create a support network. 

If you have a 2024 school starter, check for a Facebook Group with your school name and year. You might be able to organise a meetup so your child (and you!) have some familiar faces at the gate. 

Sharing tips, concerns and experiences is so important. It’s also a great way for your child to see positive relationships being formed, and gives them a chance to feel part of a community.

As we launch something SPECK-Tacular we invite you to join our community of mindful parents. 

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5. Create a quiet space at home

Set up a dedicated space at home for reading and/or homework and study. You don’t need to contact the builder for a reno yet. A quiet corner with a comfortable chair or desk and good lighting can make a big difference. It's a space to keep school supplies organised. This also helps in establishing a routine, making school work an expected part of the daily routine.

We’re launching something SPECK-Tacular - sign up to our mailing list for early access, plus a free snack box* until Jan 9th 2024

6. Additional back to school 2024 essentials

A backpack: 

Select the right backpack for your child's comfort and health. Look for a sturdy, ergonomically designed option that evenly distributes weight, reducing strain on little shoulders and backs. An ideal backpack will have padded straps and multiple compartments to help organise items effectively.

A drink bottle:

Hydration is key. Choose a drink bottle that is durable, leakproof, and easy for your child to open and refill. Bottles with fun designs or favourite characters are easier to spot in a crowd and can make staying hydrated more appealing. Be sure to label it or personalise it too.

Kindness - to yourself:

Don't forget to practise kindness – especially towards yourself. Parenting is a challenging role, and it's important to acknowledge the effort you put in. Take moments to appreciate your hard work and recognise there’s a first time for everything. A positive attitude can influence your child's outlook on school and learning too.

Use the available resources to make life easier

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel or go it alone on your back to school 2024 journey. We’ve already mentioned the school lists and some community tips.

In addition to those, check your local council, school and government website for back to school guides and information, engage with parent teacher associations or listen to easy to eco friendly digest podcasts. 

Here’s a helpful list thanks to the NSW Education:

Back to school podcasts for parents and carers

That’s a wrap

It’s a time of mixed emotions – the excitement of new beginnings mingled with the nervous anticipation of the unknown. Together, let’s make back to school 2024 a smooth, enjoyable, and enriching experience for our kids and us!

By focusing on these essentials, we hope we’ve made it easier for you to feel well prepared and excited for the school adventure. 

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