Crunch and Sip: A parent's guide to make it as easy as possible  

When you leave the realm of daycare or preschool and start prepping for your little one (who doesn’t feel so little anymore!) to go off on their adventure to big school you’ll no doubt have a list from your school about things you need to have organised.

If you’ve spotted Crunch and Sip on your child’s timetable and thought what the heck is that - you’re not alone and you are in the right place!

Let’s find out what Crunch and Sip is, why it’s important and give you tips and food ideas to make it easier for you. 

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What is Crunch and Sip?

The Crunch and Sip program was developed after the Australian Bureau of Statistics National Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey found less than 100% of Australian Children were eating their recommended daily serve of fruit and veg. Eek!

Launched in 2005, Crunch and Sip started in Western Australia. The program is now in several Australian states. It is a health-focused program implemented in schools as an in-class snack, usually scheduled in the morning to encourage children to eat fruits and vegetables and stay hydrated.

The Benefits of Crunch and Sip

Besides helping to increase their fruit and veg intake, Crunch and Sip also: 

  • Helps students refresh and refuel to set the tone for a productive and healthy day ahead
  • Increases children’s awareness and knowledge around healthy eating 
  • Enhances concentration which helps focus within the classroom
  • Improves the knowledge, attitudes and behaviours of parents and the wider community around nutrition
  • Teaches the value of healthy choices


Top tip for Crunch and Sip - have a dedicated Crunch and Sip Container!

Because Crunch and Sip is in addition to recess, lunch and afternoon break having a separate Crunch and Sip container is important for several reasons:

  1. Hygiene and freshness: This goes both ways, no one wants their lunch sandwich soggy from being up against freshly cut fruit, or their veggie sticks tasting of ham in the morning.
  2. Convenience: Your child will know which food is for their crunch and sip without having to open their lunch box and separate it … or get tempted to eat the whole lot if they’re hungry and be left without food for the rest of the day.
  3. Portion control: Crunch and Sip is in class, so having a container which is portion controlled helps give a suitable sized snack for the dedicated time.
  4. Encouraging healthy eating habits: Having a dedicated Crunch and Sip container sets a routine for healthy eating habits. You can even use your container for healthy snacks on the weekend!

Click for the perfect Crunch and Sip Container

More Crunch and Sip tips:

Making Crunch and Sip a fun and rewarding part of your child's day is easy with a little creativity and involvement. 

Here are some more Mapley tips to make this healthy habit stick, in and out of school. 

Variety is the spice of life: 

Be sure to mix it up with some of your child’s favourites and some new introductions to keep things tasty and exciting. Think rainbow colours like red strawberries, orange carrots, purple grapes and green cucumbers. The more colourful their snack box, the more appealing it'll look.

Education is key: 

It's not just about the "what" but the "why." Explain why Crunch and Sip exists and the benefits of healthy eating. Reinforce the messages they learn in school about good nutrition, making it a fun and informative part of your life at home. 

For Picky Eaters: 

Let your child pick their snacks on certain days, giving them a sense of control and involvement. Be playful with new food introductions like fruit skewers, cut outs or smiley faces. Always include a food you know they love.

Be aware of allergies & restrictions:

Keep open communication with the school about anything that isn’t allowed in the classroom like sugary treats, processed food or nuts.

Consistency is key:

Create a similar routine at home with weekend Crunch and Sip time for the whole family. It's about making healthy snacking a regular and expected part of their day, not just at school but at home too. 

Lead by example: 

They are little sponges, so show them how it's done! If they see you munching on veggies or enjoying a fruit salad, they're more likely to follow in your footsteps without a fight.

Keep an eye out for local events: 

We often visit the markets as a family and get the kids involved in looking for their own fresh produce. Keep an eye out for your local weekend markets so you can support your community too. Some areas also have fruit picking or maybe a farm stay could work for a family getaway.

Join a community:

They say it takes a village - and they’re right! Look for a supportive community where you can throw ideas around and get support. Recently, we worked with Australian School Mums to showcase our products and we love the online community and resource hub they have created! You can find their website here:

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How do I pack for Crunch and Sip?

As a parent, you can start packing Crunch and Sip snacks. Our Mapley family asks for input from our children about their faves and makes Crunch and Sip’in a family activity later down the track!

The Crunch and Sip Guidelines suggest fresh, no sugar, non processed foods and drinks. Here are a few of our fave Crunch and Sip ideas:

  • Crunchy rainbow sticks
  • Otherwise known as veggie sticks! Carrots, celery, cucumbers, capsicum have a Sunday session and cut them up in one go and store in your Mapley Crunch and Sip containers so you can grab and go!

  • Fruit salad
  • Select your child's favourite fruits and pre wash and cut them if necessary. Blueberries are always a hit in our house. If you want to slice apples, you can stop them from going brown by soaking them in pineapple or lemon juice. 

  • Edamame beans
  • So easy to prepare and packed with protein, vitamins and minerals these will be a hit!

  • Raw or cooked vegetables
  • Think sliced cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, baby corn, or leftover baked vegetables. 

  • Homemade baking
  • Make it a fun activity and get the children involved in baking some mini baked treats for Crunch and Sip! Check out this pumpkin scone recipe from the Crunch and Sip Website. 

    Does Crunch and Sip work? Let’s crunch the numbers!

    In NSW, 92% or approx 2000 schools implement Crunch and Sip. Mikala Atkinson, the Schools Nutrition Senior Coordinator said : “the breaks allow WA kids to eat 30 million additional serves of vegetables and fruit per year based on every child at a participating school eating a serve of vegetables or fruit for Crunch&Sip® every school day.”


    That’s a wrap

    Crunch and Sip is more than a school snack or forced program. It's a stepping stone to encourage healthy eating for life. 

    With a little bit of effort and a lot of love, we can use Crunch and Sip to help our children get the nutrients they need,improve their focus, and wellbeing. When eating fruit and veg becomes a part of their daily routine at school, they’ll be more likely to keep that routine at home too. 

    We’ve covered what Crunch and Sip is, its benefits, why having a separate Crunch and Sip container is so important and food ideas and tips. Be sure to sign up to our mailing list for subscriber only offers!

    We’re doing a Crunch and Sip Giveaway! Sign up to our mailing list to be in the running. Giveaway is Drawn February 2024. 

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